Letter to an Author of Book "Three Mistakes of My Life"

Date: November 24, 2012
Dear Writer,
This is my first mail in my life to any author to give feedback. Usually I just read book and never write feedback to anyone. But after Reading your books “Three Mistakes of My Life” and “One Night at Call Centre” I can’t stop myself writing feedback mail to you. I was inspired to buy your books from bookshop after I read Three Mistakes of My life. I bought your five books after I read this book. First I like to tell you story how I bought your books.

Picture: Part of mail sent in to Mr Chetan Bhagat to in his official website (www.chetanbhagat.com).
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We were in educational tour. We were about 10 km away from Sunauli, boarder of India and Nepal. Many of my friends were interested to do shopping in Sunauli market. So we went there. I with my friends was just walking around in Sunauli, I saw a bookshop and entered there. I asked books of novel that were recently published with bookseller. He asked, “Which author?” Unknowingly I said your name and he handed me about 6 or 7 books of you. That might be because I was inspired by your book “Three Mistakes of My Life” which I read before or also may be due to publicity friends has done about you and your books around me. While I was searching unknown thing in the cover of your books, my friends suggest me to buy those books. Then I bought five books of you which are “One Night at Call Centre”, “Five Point Someone”, “Revolution 2020”, “What Young India Wants” and “Two stages: The Story of My marriage”.

                Now I want to give feedback about your books based on how I felt after reading them.

Three Mistakes of My Life is interesting but your description about the cricket and those cricket stuffs made me irritating. This may be perhaps due to my less interest in cricket. But I finished reading it.  I skipped few chapters which are mostly related with cricket stuffs. What I found interesting was love of a boy and his friends sister. Events after bomb attack make me confusing and I repeatedly read few times to understand those events. If you have reduced the cricket stuff from that book, Readers who are not fan of cricket may also found your book more interesting.

But I found your book “One Night @ Call Centre” interesting and I finished this book in one stay. Story in this book flows smoothly. After reading this book I am confident to say that you are expert in writing stories about love, hurt, relation and sex. I am eagerly waiting to read your books about love and relations. This is the best part that I found in this book. But ‘call from god’ sounds unusual in this book. If you had managed to make twist in another way rather than call from god, that might makes book more interesting. Another part I am unsatisfied with is getting out quails from pit after accident. You could give more horrible situation to make story more interesting. And also such easy escape from muddy and deep pit might not be that much easy. (You mentioned that pit is deep enough to interrupt the mobile network connection.) Your book might be more interesting if you had given chance to Mr Shyam and Mr Vroom to help and impress Priyanka and Esha in this trouble by helping them respectively. But that part was lacking. Also Priyanak’s sudden attraction towards Shyam doesn’t sound real. It might be better if you had made Priyanka remember previous moments with Shyam during or after accident of quails due to Shyams’ activities or expression.

I think Military uncle is extra character in this story. His presence makes no sense in this story. It might be better if you have deleted his role from entire story or given him more roles to suggest and help those youths. His role might be useful to suggest and stop Esha making sex for her career and such mistakes they made in their life. I also feel that story about Vroom and Esha after Shyam patch up with Priyanka (Did they mingle or not) is lacking in this novel.

I was lost in stories and I forgot that someone is narrating stories. I remember it at last only. If you had arranged some moments inside stories to make it memories that someone narrating stories it might give refreshment to reader. If you had included some activities of you two in train, this may make story more interesting. I think you ended book just like whole story was something that happen in your dream. But it would be better if the girl narrating story was someone from the story. It might be better if she was Esha because we already knew that Shyam and Priyanka patched up. If she would be Esha we can know What Esha and Vroom did after Shyam and Priyanka Married. Did they too marry each other or they are separate now. Are they still friends or something else? You lose opportunity to give ending to another love story.

What I found in your books common are endings of stories. In both of your books they are just like hindi films endings and they lack creativity. In Three Mistakes of My Life fight is just like in hindi films. Also in One Night @ Call center, Shyam rushing in bike for Priyanka memories me a scene of hindi movie (I forgot name of movie). In that movie hero was following heroine in horse while she was going to marry with another guy. If you think about better endings you can make your book more interesting.

Overall both of the stories are good. You have many opportunities to give good stories. I am interested to read stories about love, hurt, relation, sex and youth written by you. I think those books would be interesting more than others. I am your big fan. I will complete your rest of four books. Then I will write comment about those books too. Hope you will respond my mail and at-least confirm me that you read my comment and analyses them. Hope to get response from you.

Your Reader
Bijesh Mishra

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