Tour of Western Nepal and My Expectations

 Date: Saturday, Nov 03, 2012 (Kartik 18, 2069)

When I was beginner in Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur (IAAS), I used to hear my seniors explaining about tours of IAAS in four years bachelor. They used to talk about tour to eastern and western part of Nepal and all India. Sometime one day tour to National Seed Company, Hetauda also used to become topic to talk about since it is eagerly awaited first tour in Rampur Campus. Talk about one month all India tour remains for whole bachelor period. Before tour it becomes mystery to all and after it’s described as lifetime great achievement. Suggestions given by seniors to juniors before attaining one month all India tour based on their experiences and information given about places they visited always used to make me excited to attain those tours and visit those places. I used to listen avidly to those tour gossips, places they visited, moments they enjoyed, activities they did and see their snapshots they had taken during tours. Those gossips, activities and snapshots always used to make me crazy and my hidden interest to attain tours and visit those places becomes stronger from inside and tries exposing outside unknowingly. My interest in learning something practically in discipline of my study and habit to enjoy natural beauty of places I visited also might be another cause of my stronger interest. Beside that I always used to dream about entertainment and memorable moments that I’m interested to make with friends. It was not only the matter of education and entertainment but it was also great lifetime achievement for me because I might not (might be too) get opportunity to visit and see almost whole geographical distribution pattern and climate of various parts of Nepal and India after graduation. Those dreams, eagerness of learning, habit of enjoying natural beauty and avidity of opportunity always inspired me to stand strong in the favor of tour.

An overview of tour to Hetauda Seed Company, Hetauda,
It is one most awaited first tour of IAAS, Rampur. 
It was fourth semester; our eagerly awaited first educational tour came in front of us which I was excitedly waiting to attain. I was planning to enjoy with my friends and gain knowledge about seed testing and processing techniques. It was educational tour to National Seed Company, Hetauda, and Forestry Campus, Hetuda. We were also enjoying tour making fun inside our college bus on the way which was really memorable.

Poultry Research Farm of
RARC/NARC Parwanipur Bara
In same tour we managed to visit Regional Agriculture Research Centre/Nepal Agriculture Research Council (RARC/NARC), Parwanipur Bara to see Zero Tillage Technique and two progressive farmers. I saw Combine Harvester and locally developed Fertilizer and Insecticide Sprayer using local resource for the first time. Opportunities to visit such innovative and progressive farmers, see techniques which I’d never seen before and fun we made on the way forced me to decide that I’ll never miss any tours of IAAS undergraduates unless impossible.

After that tour I attained two more educational tours. They were visit to eastern part of Nepal along with Darjeeling and Sikkim states of India (ten days) and All India Tour (thirty-three days). I never had attained such long tours before which were totally new experiences for me. I was excited and a bit nervous.

In eastern tour while travelling in India, we all were new so we took precautions as we must had to do. I didn’t have any idea how to manage to make tour educational, informative and entertaining. I was more focused in enjoying tour and caring my health since returning home healthily was equally important for me. In Nepal we visited some Research Centers of NARC, ICIMOD and few agro-industries. Fortunately I return home healthily.

Undergraduates of IAAS, Rampur in Hyderabadh University
India during one month all India Tour along with teachers and Staffs.
In one month long All India Tour I was more focused in enjoying rather than making it educational so as my friends did. In this tour many things were new for us. So we (I and my friends) were just focused in enjoying and experiencing new things. Some of them are trains, metros, forts, Historical places, film cities and film shooting studios, Water Kingdom, Island, Planetarium, 3-D and 8-D movies, horse riding, sea and oceans, artificial and natural ocean beaches, water and tides of ocean, night life and cruises of Goa, bikinis, Lifestyle of India, cities of India, foods of India, Climate of India, time and money management, leadership, struggle in trouble, lifestyle as visitor and tourist and many more. We also visited some universities and agriculture research stations. Doubtless it’s less educational but more informative. For me, it gave lifetime experience and taught something I could never learn from my books, schools, colleges or universities if I had missed this opportunity.

Last but not the least I am going to attain my final tour of Undergraduate life in IAAS, Rampur Campus in-between Dashain and Tihar (18 Mangsir to 27 Mangsir 2069 B.S.). It is nine days tour of western part of Nepal along with few parts of India such as Nainetal, Hardwar and Dehradun which lies in UttaraKhand and Uttaranchal States of India. We are also planning to go G.B. Pant Agriculture and Technical University, Pantnagar Uttarakhand which is famous Agricultural University of India.

 Since this is my last tour and I've gained many experiences after Eastern Tour and All India Tour, I think this tour will be quite easy for me. As it’s my last tour I’m planning to enjoy as much as I can and make it educational too. So I've set some goals that I’m planning to achieve in this tour. I've set five goals to achieve which are as follows:

1)      First goal of mine is to enjoy tour with friends, strengthen the bond of friendship, develop brotherhood and make tour entertaining and memorable as much as I can.

2)      Second goal is to gain knowledge and information about agriculture research activities of NARC, agri-business, agro-industries (at-least 5 NARC stations and 2 agricultural farms or industry) in western Nepal and superficial observation of activities, facilities and infrastructure of G. B. Pant Agriculture and Technical University, Pantnagar Uttarakhand India.

3)      Third I am planning to visit famous places of western Nepal and western India.

4)      Fourth is the observation of climate and weather pattern and geographical distribution of western Nepal and India and comparison between development of Nepal and India in similar topography.

5)      Fifth and last but not the least is to study book “Nepalma Garibiko Bahash” collected and published by Martin Chautari, Kathmandu, Nepal to understand different aspects of Nepalese Poverty.

This is how I’m planning to enjoy my last tour of IAAS undergraduate and make it as much memorable as I can.

(This article was written before tour to western parts of Nepal from IAAS, Rampur Campus.)